'|' is not a valid integer

This issue occurs because of some old data for clients that had a pre-release version of uCampaign.

On the Uluro database:

  • Open the table named Modules.
  • Go to the last few records.
  • There should be only 2 that have 'uCamp' (or 'uCampMgr') in the AppName field.  One should have ModName = 'uCampaign' and one should have ModName = 'Access'.
  • The one that has Modname = 'Access' should have ParentID = ModID of the one that has ModName = 'uCampaign'
  • If there is a third record with Appname = 'uCamp' (or 'uCampMgr') with either a NULL ParentID or a ParentID that is different, you will need to delete this record.  It should have a ModID lower than the ModID of the record with ModName = 'uCampaign'.

Modules should look like this:


These 2 highlighted numbers should be the same.

In this case, 46 is the parent and 47 is a child of 46. There should be no other 'uCamp' or 'uCampMgr' records.


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