Adding a new user to access the Uluro programs

Additional logins for the Uluro programs can be made in uSetup. This will also allow an administrator user the ability to lock/unlock accounts and change passwords.

  1. Open uSetup and go to the "Configure" menu at the top. Select "User Maintenance" from the drop-down menu.


  2. Create a new user and password in the "User Maintenance" screen. The check boxes on the right show which portions of the Uluro programs.
    • "Enabled" check box enables/disables an account.
    • "Administrator" check box grants a user access to all the permissions options on the right
    • "Locked" allows an administrative user (a user with access to "USER MAINTENANCE") to unlock an account after too many failed login attempts
    • "Change PW Flag" forces a user to change their password immediately after logging in to one of the Uluro programs



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