Adding Columns to Web Display

Uluro allows you to control which columns are displayed on a web page via the web configuration settings in Setup.  To edit the columns displayed:

1. Open uSetup

2. Select the customer for which you want to edit the columns displayed

If you are making a change for a client generally use the following steps.  If you are changing the columns for a specific Submission type skip to "Settings for a specific submission type"

General Client Settings

3. Select the Web Setup button from the buttons on the top right

4. Open the advanced tab

5. Open the Page HTML/CSS tab on the left 

6. Click the Web Page Display button


Settings for a specific submission type

2. Double click the submission type to open the Submission Type Maintenance dialog

3. Open the web tab

4. click the web display button


All of the above will open a similar interface for controlling the columns displayed


For all of the 4 Web Display settings,

  • The RED fields are searchable/sortable on the web; the black ones are not.
    Save to DB fields will be listed with an * after the name.
  • You may remove any of the ones that are listed by default by selecting a column and clicking the Remove button.
  • You may add any field listed by selecting it in the list and clicking the Add button.
  • The columns can be selected and moved from left to right to change the order they display on the web.

Select a column, right click, and select Set Properties to further edit the column.

The field name cannot be editted.

Column Title – The title of the column that will be displayed on the web.

Maximum # of Characters – This will be the number of characters that appear in the column. If this is 0 all characters will be displayed.

Sortable – If this is checked, the field will appear in the dropdown for filtering and searching for documents. The order the fields appear in the dropdown correspond to the order displayed across the columns.


This information is also available in the 2018_Web Manual on pages 141 - 146


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