How to view uSecure files in ucompose

There are two different ways to open secured data in uCompose. This guide will show you how to correctly use both methods for this.


1. If file is secured in the Directory:

Check the Directory where the file exists in Ucontrol. This is done by double-clicking a submission in uControl to open the submission details. The File Directory is where your file you are trying to open must be located:


Open the Data file from that EXACT Location.  Do not use a mapped drive. You also must use the exact path shown in uControl. You cannot use a local path instead of the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path, even if both go to the same folder on the server. The path you use must be EXACTLY the same as in the Submission Details in uControl.

 Ucompose must be connected to the same database as Ucontrol. You can easily check this by looking at the top of your uluro programs.




Open the Data file normally.  Do not use “Open Protected Data File”.  That option is for incoming files from customers using Uprotect. Instead, use "Open Data File".




This will open the data file in uCompose.


  1. For Files not in the Uluro database yet (sent by a Customer using Uprotect),

Open the data file using the “Open Protected Data File” menu option.

This will ask for the Customer the Protected file came from.



Select the correct customer from the dropdown list, then click OK. Then simply select the data file.

If the file is in the Submit directory then it will not be opened correctly because it will be in the Internal Protected object instead of the Customer protected object.

If you attempt to do so, you will get an error message such as:


 If you follow the steps of this guide, you should easily avoid error messages of that sort, however.



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