Uluro Payment Credits

To set up credits in Uluro is fairly simple, and will require you to map the system field Sys_IsCredit in your statement map to set a balance to a credit. If Sys_isCredit = true then Sys_Balance will be forced to Negative. This will create a credit. To apply a credit is simple. If a web user has a credit available, the "Payment Amount" screen when they attempt to make a payment will have a link called "Apply available credits" . This opens a window to select what credit they want to apply, and after selecting it they can apply it. They will be taken back to the Billing Information/Payment Amount screen where they select "Next". The Summary review will then allow them to see the credit amount applied, and what balance is remaining (if any). They then will be able to proceed to select a payment method if the credit didn't cover the total, or if it did, they will be able to apply and finish. Once this is done, the Payment receipt will come up and your payment is complete.


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