Running a print job manually with extended logging

In the event a print job errors and the logs do not give details why or you get the infamous "Access Violation" then you can do the following.


1. Make sure that the printer in windows is paused so you don't accidentally send the print job to the printer and interrupt production.

2. Create a batch file in the same directory as RPPrintapp.exe  (typically C:\program files(x86)\uluro\programs) called (Runprintapp.bat)

3. Edit the batch file and put in the following command: 

RPPrintapp.exe 12345 D9

Replace 12345 with the print job id and save the batch file and exit your editor.

D9 enables the extended logging.  Double-click the batch file to run it and wait for the command window to close. This will create a logfile in a folder called "Logdir" in the same directory as the batch file named RPPrint12345.log (where 12345 is the print job id).


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