Satori Users,


As of this afternoon, we were informed by Satori of some required changes that must take place for you to move from POSTNET to IMB as part of the new USPS January 28th requirements.  This method of IMB generation must be used to ensure that your postal paperwork and tray tags are correct in order to continue receiving presort discounts.


This only applies to those who are utilizing the POSTNET mailing type in the Presort Template.  If you are currently producing Basic IMB or Full Service IMB using the Intelligent Mail mailing type in the Presort Template, you can disregard this message.


Satori has now implemented a means through their API to generate the IMB ADFT string.  To use Satori’s IMB, a different Presort Template must be created and Intelligent Mail must be selected as the Mailing Type.  Unfortunately, Satori does not have a method to convert POSTNET Presort Templates to Intelligent Mail Presort Templates, so new Presort Templates must be created to ensure that postal paperwork is correct on January, 28th


Please see the attached documentation which details the required changes necessary to ensure you correctly facilitate this change.  Please contact us if you require any additional assistance.


We apologize for the timeliness of this announcement, but we were unaware of such Satori requirements until this evening. 


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