Enabling advanced logging for printing

There are 2 methods to enabling advanced logging for print jobs.


Manual Execution of Print

To manually execute a print job with logging perform the following steps

  1. Remote Desktop into the server where the print service is running from as the same user that is running the Uluro Print Process Service.
  2. Open a command prompt as Administrator and navigate to where RPPrintapp.exe is located.
  3. Run the following command:
    rpprintapp.exe XXXX D9

Make sure to replace the XXXX with the print job ID found in uPrint.

This will call the application used to generate the print job and once started a new directory (logdir) should be created.  The log file should be created and updated until the print job is finished or until it results in an error.

The log file name will be formatted as rpprintXXXX.log where XXXX is the print job ID.


Enabling Service Logging

Service logging will output the same file as above but can be set so that a log file automatically gets generated for each print job.

To setup service logging follow the steps below

  1. Edit the DBServices.ini file located in same directory as the Uluro Print Process Service.
  2. Add in the following section

This will enable debug for the print service.  To disable debugging simply change the value of DEBUG to 0.

The Uluro Print Process Service must be restarted after the ini file is modified.



Enabling debugging will cause the print speed to be slower since it has to write out to a log file.


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