What does the "Spoolsize" field do in uSetup >> Configure >> Processes?

"Spoolsize" checks the Print System Spool file size after each Document is printed.  The "Spoolsize" value is in bytes. If the Print System Spool File size is above the Size set then it starts a new Print Job.  The "Splitfiles" field must be set to "Y" to turn this feature on.



The Spoolsize is not the same as file size unless the Printer is set to Print Directly to the printer.



The Spool file is an Intermediate file created by the Windows print system.

It contains raw Windows API commands and may be significantly different than the final resultant file size.


The Purpose was to allow control of the Max Spool File size.  In 32 Bit windows this file was limited to 4 GB and if printing continued the spoolfile would overwrite.


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