NCOA Move Validation Months Range is not correct

A recent Satori NCOA update has resulted in Satori's NCOA no longer respecting the Month Range identified in the NCOA Wizard.

This has resulted in all NCOA being treated as a 48 month validation. We have a workaround to force the NCOA months to a value you want to use instead of 48 months.

The method involves editing a Windows Registry key, so we ask you to only attempt to do this if you are familiar with Windows Registry editing. The steps are outlined below:


1. On the server you run satori from, go to the start menu and type Regedit.exe in the search box:

and press "enter". This opens the registry editor for windows.

2. Open the HKEY_CURRENT_USER tree and select "Software", then select "Transformations".


3. Left-click the AddrCleanse entry once. This will show the registry keys for Address Cleansing on the right side of the registry editor.


4. Right-click the NCOAMTHS key, then select "Modify" (not modify binary data, just Modify). A box titled "Edit String" will pop up.

5. Edit the "Value Data" field with the desired number of NCOA months, then click "Okay" and close the registry editor.

6.Restart your Cleanse and Presort programs to apply the new changes.




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