Error in NCOA! Caught an unexpected COM Error 8004040b

This error typically occurs when the connection to Satori's NCOA server cannot be reached.

Please ensure that the postal server can access .

You should be able to access this site through Internet Explorer on the postal server.

If you see "MRE1=91 -2147220409 The request format is invalid or the request type is currently not available" ,

then connection to Satori's NCOA server has been established.


If you are unable to connect then check your network and internet connection on the computer running the Satori software.

If you are connected to the internet it may be a temporary outage at Satori.

 Satori Needs access to the following domains and ports in order for cleansing to work:

  • (TCP port 5150)
  • (TCP port 5150)
  • (TCP port 5150)
  • (TCP port 80 and 443)

The following subnet ranges can also be used:

  • / 25
  • / 25


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