Submission Stuck in Auto Job

If your  submissions are stuck in Auto Job status you may have SQL Server Agent stopped, this could have happened when/if you rebooted you server. 

Below are instruction to start SQL Server Agent and set the properties to automatically start this service when you boot your system.


1) Launch SQL Server Configuration Manager

In Windows desktop, click on Start –> All Programs –> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 –> SQL Server  Configuration Manager



2) View SQL Agent Service properties

On left pane, click on “SQL Server Services”; on right pane, you will see all installed instances of SQL Sever components.


To View SQL Server Agent properties, double click on SQL Server Agent ( MSSQLSERVER) entry on left pane. You will see a property dialog



3) Set SQL Agent Service start up mode = “Automatic”.

By setting service startup mode to “Automatic” SQL Agent service is started up when machine starts up. Select “Automatic” from drop down next to Startup Mode setting; click  “Ok”



4) Start SQL Agent Service

Select “SQL Server Agent Service ( MSSQLSERVER )” entry on right pane. Right click on right pane in SQL Server configuration Manager; click on “Start” menu




5) Verify SQL Server Agent service is running

Click on menu Action –> Refresh; On right pane, check SQL Server Agent's service state as "Running".




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