Updating the Uluro user's password.

When you update the password for the Uluro user, the following three categories of programs will need to be updated with the new password as well:


1.       Uluro services.
All Uluro services have log on as a user rights so that they may run even when the account they are installed under is not logged in.


2.       The Uluro Scheduled Tasks.
There are 3 tasks on the web server, 3 on the applications server. They have been given permission to log on as a user.
The tasks are as follows:

Web server:


Application Server:



3.       The Uluro Web Application Pools in IIS.
There are Two Application pools (usually RPWEB and RPWEB30, although it may vary) and they are both set to a specific user.

Select the Application Pool that you wish to edit, and select Advanced Settings on the far right pane.

Select the Identity entry under Process Model (click the Ellipsis), and under custom account click “Set”.

Enter the Domain\username and password. Do the same for the other Uluro web application pool and you will be done.


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