Mandrill Account


****Please note you must have the following programs before you can utilize Mandrill; Web version or later, Usetup version or later, and PDFEmail version****

Account Details


The account details page lists the current balance on the user’s account, as well as numerous stats that are useful in determining the health of the account. In particular, one should examine the “Account Balance”, “Sending Stats” and “Reputation” sections, as all three of these contain details which may relate to issues with sending emails. For instance, if the account is over the hourly or monthly sending threshold, out of money, or has too frequently been marked as spam, it may lose the ability to send.


Account Security


In some circumstances, clients may wish to opt for a little more security for accessing their Mandrill account. This can be accomplished on the “Account Security” page under the Account tab. In particular, they may wish to configure things so that only certain IP addresses are allowed to work with Mandrill via the API and the website. The app itself currently does NOT support two factor authentication/authorization.

Account Alerts


The “account alerts” section allows one to configure email alerts for various events that occur during the processing of emails in Mandrill’s system. It is STRONGLY advised to configure these alerts to be on and to go to an attended mailbox, as they have revenue and system stability implications. The lower section of the screen shows alerts that have been sent from the system.



For more information on Mandrill please refer to the Mandrill Support Guide.


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