Automatically send PDF emails when email address exists in input data

Uluro has the ability to allow Email Addresses to be obtained from the input data. This email address can then be saved into the database and used to send a PDF email to the User containing their document. If desired this can also mark the document as eStatement which prevents the document from being printed.

The Process Depends on the Following:

1. The Data contains the Email Address
2. A Map is created with a field named EMAILADDRESS
3. The Submission Type is setup with a “Send End User PDF Email”event.
4. The Submission Type is setup with SetEmail postprocessing Stored Procedure
5. The Owner of the Document is not a User setup on the Web. If they are setup on the Web then the Document will use the settings from Uluro Web instead of the settings set by the SetEmail Stored Procedure.



In uCompose create a Field named EMAILADDRESS. Check the Save to DB checkbox.






Submission Type Maintenance

Create Email Event Record for “Send End User PDF Email”



Set the Subject and Body of the Email as Desired.


Set the PostProcessing PRG to

@setEmail $SUBMID, ‘Y’ 


@setEmail $SUBMID, ‘N’




The Values are:

@setEmail  is the Stored procedure to call

$Submid will cause the System to pass the Submission ID to the Stored Procedure.

The ‘Y’ or ‘N’ represents Email Only flag on the Stored Procedure.
If ‘Y’ then the Document will be marked as an Estatement (not printed).
If ‘N’ then the Document will be marked for Email and Printing.




With a PostProcessing Program set the Submission will go to PostProcessing after breakpack. This will cause the SetEmail stored procedure to be called. When the Stored Procedure is complete it will move the status to the next value depending on how the submission is setup.

Once the Submission goes to Ready to Print (put on a Job and Processed through Presort If necessary) then an Event will be generated to create the PDF email.




When the Event runs emails will be created




When the PDFEmail program runs it will create the pdf and send the Email





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