Uluro Reprint

Uluro Reprint


To successfully use the Uluro Reprint program, an administrator will need to setup the inserters that you plan to use. If you are not using inserters, you will still need to set up “virtual” inserters. Inserters are used to separate users so that the reprints that they are using are only for them and if they are pulling reprints from DRS, they will only pull documents that are for their inserter.


Inserter Maintenance

To add or edit inserters, click on Admin->Inserters.


Add Inserter


  • Click Add.
  • Enter the name of the inserter. If you are connected to DRS, use the same name as the inserters in DRS.
  • Select a printer.
  • Check Active.
  • Click Save.



Edit Inserter


  • Click Edit.
  • Change your settings.
  • Click Save.



Selecting Inserters

A user should select which inserters they plan to use.


Select an available inserter and click the right arrow. This will add this inserter to this user. If another user is assigned to the inserter, you will be asked if you wish to remove the other user from the inserter. Once you have been assigned an inserter, you can start doing reprints.

There are 2 modes, Manual and Automatic.

Manual Mode

Manual mode is the default way of doing inserts. Using manual mode you can scan barcoded documents or enter in document IDs for reprint. You can also manually run DRS reprints and Web reprints from the main menu.



Scan Barcode

There are 3 types of data that can be accepted.


  1. Doc ID – This is the unique document id in Uluro. Example - 12345678.
  2. ‘S’+submid+’D’+DocNo – This barcode contains ‘S’ plus the submission id + ‘D’ + the document number. Example – S12345D12.
  3. DRS Inserter barcode. This is the zero-padded jobid + the zero-padded statement id. Example – 015383000205

If scanning or entering anything other than the ‘S’ type, you must select Doc ID or DRS barcode in the Scan group.

Print Mode

There are 3 Print Modes.


  1. Create Submission – This will create a new submission for all documents of the same submission type. The submission can then be processed just as any submission can.
  2. Create Print Job – This will create a new print job that can be sent to the print. This does not create a new submission.
  3. Exact Duplicate – This will create an exact duplicate of the document and send it to the printer.

Once you have scanned/entered all documents you want to reprint, click Reprint and each will be created based on the Print Mode.

Automatic Mode

You can enter automatic mode by toggling the current mode to Auto.



Once in auto mode, you can set up what you want to do. You can setup different Print and Retrieval modes for each inserter.

  • Select a Print Mode
  • Select a Retrieval Mode. There are 2 retrieval modes. Pull from DRS and Stored Proc or Manual. Pull from DRS will pull any reprints marked in DRS. Stored Proc or manual will process any documents manually scanned or loaded into the reprint table using a stored procedure.
  • Save your settings.

You can set your interval using the spinner.

Flip the Auto Processing toggle to begin automatic processing.

You cannot Load Reprints from DRS or manually scan while automatic mode is running. You will need to put it back into manual mode, get your DRS reprints or scan your documents, then put it back into manual mode.


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