Optimizing PDF Output Using Uluro Native PDF When Using PDF Data

For smallest PDF output size from a PDF input make the following map changes in uCompose.


1.  Turn on Post Script Reusable Images by adding the Use PCL Macros or PostScript images from the Document Commands.



Then check the Use Postscript Reusable Images checkbox






2.  Turn off Render PDF As An Image from the Copy PDF to Output command




Check the “Cache Images” checkbox and set the images to Below all Text. This does not work for All PDF’s. 

Uncheck the “Incremental Char Position” checkbox.  This does not work for All PDF’s. 

Select replace Fonts Using Font MapThis does not work for All PDF’s. 

Click the Font Map box and Click the Clear List and Build List buttons.

Set the Replacement fonts.  Only type 1 and 2 fonts will be replaced.




Click ok on the Copy PDF to Output Command.

You will receive the warning message



Verify the output on the screen by creating a PDF.

If the Output does not look correct then re-enable the “Incremental Char Position” and try again.

If the Output still does not look correct you may have to disable the “Cache Images” checkbox.

If still incorrect then turn off the Font Mapping by selecting “No Replacements”



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