Requirements for PDF Printing on Oce Inkjet

PRISMAproduction and PDF Containerization - the newer toner printers and all inkjet printers now have an optional APPE module and PRISMA has a containerization option to allow the following:

  1. PRISMAproduction will check resources, package those resources in bundles, containerize the PDF and transfer to the printer as IPDS (massively reduced process time from the UNITY RIP) 
  2. SRA-MP controller will uncontainerize the PDF (standard APF spec for container handling)  and use the APPE to parallel RIP at print speed. 

Note: This is a rip at print speed and not a "rip then print" approach.

For clients that want to run PDF files on OCE inkjet technology, they need to make certain they have the following:

Printer SRA Controller - must have PDF Print Engine option
PRISMAproduction V4.06 or PRISMAproduction V5 - must have PDF2AFP Container option (previously called Graphic Arts Plus)


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