Running a Preprocess Script That Does Not Change the Data


RPPreprocess expects the md5 checksum of the file to change after processing; if it does not change, RPPreprocess assumes something failed and will error out.

To tell RPPreprocess that the unchanged md5 checksum is intentional, you will need to create a ".result" file in the SUBMIT/ directory with the same name as the submission.

Submission file = 20150601112233444Chrzaszcz
.result file = 20150601112233444Chrzaszcz.result

This file should only contain the text result=0.

You can create the text from the batch file with the following command
(this assumes that the file path ($FPATH) and file name ($FILE) were passed to preprocessing as the first and second arguments respectively):
<nul (set/p x=result=0)> %1/%2.result



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