Web user does not have permission to upload

You may have a client report the following error happened when they tried to upload a datafile to a submission on their website:

"You do not have permission to upload"

This error is not caused by the user's web permissions. Instead, it is caused by the path in uSetup under

"File receipt" for web uploads being inaccessible from the web server. See the following screenshot:



The path must always be a UNC path to permit proper function of uluro for all File Receipt paths.

To verify the path is valid, copy the path from the bottom field and paste it into a windows explorer window on the web server

(you must be logged into the web server as the uluro user) and press "enter" on your keyboard.

If the path is a valid path, the directory should open and permit you to create and edit files in it. But if you cannot access the folder, then you need to correct the path or permissions so that you can.

One that is done and you have made sure the File Receipt path is correct in uSetup, the web user should be able to upload.



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