Setting up the settlement report settlement report is a feature in Web Setup under the "Payments" tab that allows you to send a Payment Settlement Report email to customers after payments have been received and processed.


You will need to setup an 'email event' to send the settlement report to your customers before you setup the Settlement Report.

To set up the email event

    • Select a customer and click on Web Setup.
    • Under the Payment tab click on Payment Email Event


    • Click on "New" button  New_button.png
    • Select the event "Payment Settlement Report (Authorize.Net)".
    • Enter the to Email Address, Subject and Body.


Running the report from uSetup

    • To manually run the report form uSetup, select the "Reports" tab from Web Setup, you should see this on the bottom right of the window.


    • Enter the starting and ending dates
    • Enter a file path name and save as CSV

Setting the Service Parameters

    • The information for the report is generated using a service called uPayRptSrv (Uluro Payment Report Service).
    • In the folder where the service is installed (c:\uluro\programs\uPayRptSrv) there is a file called uPayRptSrv.exe.config. You should change the values that are appropriate for you.
    • Change the connection to your database on this line.
      •  Catalog=Web3Database;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=youruserid;Password=yourpassword"
    • Set the time to run the service (hour:min:sec)
      • <add key="RunTime" value="2:00:00" />
    • Set the interval between checks in minutes.
      • <add key="Interval" value="2" />
    • To change from live to test, change this value from api to apitest. You will need to restart the service after this.
      • <value></value>


PDF Email Program

  • The PDFEmail program will send out the Payment Settlement Report shortly after the service has downloaded the records. The report is a .csv file and will be attached to the email.
  • The fields are listed below.

Auth.Net Transaction ID
Uluro Payment ID
Uluro Web User
Payment Status
Response Code
Authorization Code
Address Verification Status
Payment Method
Card Number
Invoice Number
Doc Amt Paid
Fee Amt
Total Amount Paid
Pay Date/Time
Settlement Date/Time
Auth.Net Trans Status
Auth.Net Customer ID
Auth.Net Customer First Name
Auth.Net Customer Last Name
Saved To DB Field (These will be the ones that you save in uCompose)
Saved To DB Field
Doc Account # (This is the account number listed on the document).


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