How to enable web proofing in web 3.x


To enable web approval of submissions, there are 4 steps:

1. Enable Web approval at the submission type level in uSetup. This involves Checking the "Submissions Require Web Approval" checkbox on the Web tab in Submission Type Maintenance (see highlighted area below).



2. Make sure that Accounts/Users can view Documents. This is in the same location, and is required to be able to use web approval (see image below).


3. The next two items are enabled on the web site itself, and require you to log into the site as an administrator. The first is located under User Types & Security.

Make sure that the User Type Security permissions have the "Web Proofing" permission enabled (see highlighted checkboxes in screenshot).


4 The last place you have to enable Web Approval is on the user's account under User Management. This cannot be done from the user's profile, and can only be done through User Management by an administrator on the site. After choosing the user you want from User Management, check the "SUBMISSION APPROVAL" checkbox near the bottom of the management screen (see screenshot).


This is all that's required to enable web proofing, and if any of these steps are not completed, web approval will not be available.





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