Can the File Name that the document belongs to be shown/searched on the web?

Yes however it takes a bit of a workaround. You can accomplish this by using the "Search Records" section on web 3.0. You can customize what gets displayed in the results table by going into uSetup >> Web Setup >> Advanced Tab >> Page HTML/CSS (tab on left). Click on the "Web Page Display" button and select the "Search (3.0)" tab.

The filename is not one of the default options for this table however the work around is as follows:

1. Open the map or maps that you would like to add the filename to this list in uCompose
2. In the doc tab, create a new field definition called "Filename", check the Save to DB checkbox and leave it as Not assigned.
3. In the display tab, create a new Assign Field command. Set the result Field to "Filename" and set the function to Assign. The Parameter Type will be Variable and the Variable will be "Sys_filename".
4. Save the map.

The next time you process a submission through Uluro, you will see your new field in the list of available fields on the "Web Page Display" for the "Search (3.0)". The field should have a * (asterisk) next to it to identify it as a custom Save to DB field.


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