Structure Of UluroWeb

The basic structure of UluroWeb is as follows:

1)   Root directory is typically located at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\uluroweb\


2)   Under the uluroweb folder, there should be 4 folders.


     a)   Images contains all images used on the web pages.

     b)   Scripts contains the applications needed to run the website. These would include

                1.   Dbconnect.ini  SQL Server connection information

                2.   Pdf.ini

                3.   Pngdll.dll

                4.   Rpweb.dll Main controlling program

      c)    CSS style sheets

     d)   Forms all web HTML forms

Much of the web data is stored in SQL Server in a database called RPWeb. The information about the web pages as well as what procedure to use for rendering the pages and performing the form post are also in this database.

Here is a list of the tables that are used by the web application.


Custpay Customer payment settings

Hiertable Customer hierarchy information

WebCustPages list of pages and stored procedures. This is the primary, controlling table. WebErrorLog any errors that occur are logged here

WebPayDetails payment detail information

WebPayments payment header information

WebPayProcessor list of payment processors used by the system

WebPayTrans payment transactions

WebPayType payment types (Mastercard, Visa, etc.) WebSecurityLog ip address and user who attempted to login WebSessions stored session information

WebUAccess User access information

WebULog which pages the user accessed

WebUProfile user profile. Credit card or bank account information is encrypted

WebUsers user information. Password is encrypted WebUToAcct user account information for document retrieval WebUType – user types (must contain ‘AD’ type)

WebUTypeSec user type security

PayComments Payment comments

UserActivity Holds summarized data about user activity and enrollment.  It is populated by the BuildUserActivity stored procedure.



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