User Type Security Definitions

AddAccount*                    This allows Users to be linked to Accounts.         

AddUAccess*                    This allows User access to be added (hierarchy).

Adduser*                            This is the Add User Screen.

AdminMain*                      This is the Main Screen for the Admin users.  It shows a list of Submissions.

Answerquest                     This page requests the initial answers for Multi-Factor Authentication.

Createkey                           Intuit Financial Single Signon Create Key.  The key is passed to signon page.

Confirm                                This is the Confirm Registration and Accept Disclaimer Page for normal logins.

Confirmss                            This is the Accept Disclaimer page for Single Signon logins.

Csr**                                    This is a special main page for CSR users.              

Csrdoc**                             This is a special Document display page for CSR Users.

Disclaimer                           This is the Confirmation page for Registration.   

DocPayhist**                    This page displays the Document Payment history. 

Documents*                      This screen shows submission information and a list of documents.  It also shows a list of reports that can be downloaded.

EditType*                            This Screen Allows editing the User Type information.

Error                                      This shows errors that occur.

estatement_reports*    This allows the download of Reports.    

FAQ                                       This is the Frequently Asked Questions screen.

Forgotpw#                          This allows Passwords to be requested.

GETCOMBPDF#                This screen gets combined PDF’s

GETCSV                                This downloads CSV data from documents.

GETPDF                                This download pdf of a document.

Getreport*                         This download the report PDF.

GETREPORTCSV*             This downloads the report csv files.

GetUserSession*             Admin function that requests a session.  Single Signon.

Help                                       This is the Help and Contact us screen.

Login                                     This is the login screen.  Access always available. 

Main                                      This is the Estatement owner Main Page.

Management*                  This is the Administrator Maintenance Screen.  It shows a list of the users.

Payhistory#                        This shows payment history.

Paynow#                             This allows payments to be made.

PayResult#                         This shows the results of a payment request.

Profile#                                This allows self edit of user information.

Register                               This is the Register for Access Screen.

Security*                             This is the User Type security Screen.  This screen allows setting access rights for the User Type

Signin                                    Intuit Financial single signon page.

SSOPDF                                This is a Special page for Request of PDF without login (single Signon PDF)

Statement#                        This screen Shows the Statement

Tour                                       This is the Take a Tour screen.  It is not complete.

Uploadresult*                   This displays the results after a data file is uploaded.

User*                                    This screen allows editing the User Information.

UserAccess*                      This screen allows user access to be viewed (hierarchy).

Userquest                           Request answer to question.  (Multi-Factor Authentication)

UserType*                          This is the User Type screen.

Xtrupload*                         This allows data files to be uploaded.


* - Admin user Only

# - Estatement User Only

** - CSR User only


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