Why are there no qualified documents?

The typicall reasons that you would have 0 qualified documents are:

  1. Weights and thickness for the submission type have not been set correctly. They may be either too high or too low.
    Check in uSetup under submission type maintenance for the Forms and Envelopes weights and thickness.
    If the Weights and thickness are too high or low then the piece will fall outside the criteria for the presort type selected.

    If you are familiar with SQL you can check in Documents table for the submission id.
    SELECT TOP 100 DocId, [weight], [thickness] FROM documents where submid = xxxxxx --- use the correct submission id

  2. The Job does not have a presort type. If the job has not presort type then it will not be presorted.
    In Ucontrol look at the job and check the presort type. It the type is "None" then it was not presorted.

  3. Quantity of documents too low for the presort type. If there are not enough the documents will not be quailified.


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