Changes of address: Why some addresses may not match with Move Update and the USPS® NCOALink® database

Description: This tech note details reasons why Move Update may not find a match on change-of-address information when searching the USPS NCOALink database, and why a match might not result in updated address information.

Addresses that match, but do not have a new address available

The number of addresses that Move Update finds matches for without updating address information will be displayed on the NCOALink Processing Summary report. You can find these addresses by creating a custom Group. In the Group Wizard, Add a Condition where the Match Flag field Is One Of the following codes:

  • F – Foreign Move; new address unavailable
  • K – No forwarding address; new address unavailable
  • G – PO box closed; new address unavailable
  • X – Other

After finding addresses that match, but for which a new address is unavailable, you can delete or archive these records before you mail.

Reasons addresses may not update

When running Move Update, there are several reasons why a change-of-address record may not be found. The following list describes many of the common reasons why the address information might not update when you run Move Update:

  • The move is more than 48 months old.
  • The input address was not ZIP + 4® coded. If the address is not corrected with a ZIP + 4 code, the Move Update Server will not be able to match this address to a new address.
  • With NCOALink processing, an address that contains incorrect or is missing secondary information, such as an incorrect apartment number, will not be updated. USPS® matching logic rules may prevent a match from occurring.
  • For individual or family matching, the field Last Name did not match.
  • For individual matching, the field First Name did not match.
  • For business matching, the field Business did not match.
  • The input names are not in the First Name, Last Name or Business fields.
  • The move is too recent.
  • The person did not fill out a Change of Address form with the USPS.

Satori’s NCOALink Update Schedule

Satori Software updates the Move Update server with new USPS information every Wednesday afternoon. The data that we receive from the USPS is about one to two weeks old. If you run a job Monday morning, the NCOALink data could be as old as three weeks. To maximize the number of updated addresses, run Move Update after the server has been updated on Wednesday.



Source:  Satori Software


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