Set Directories and Relative Image Path

Uluro Submit Directories and Image Paths

Set Submit Directory

The path of the Submit directory can be set in Usetup under the Configure Menu and then processes.


Then look for the entries for Submit, FTPSubmit, Websubmit, and EmailSubmit.





Each can be set separately. 

The directories must exist.  The system will not create the directories.

The directories must be accessible by all Uluro programs that will use the data.  This includes Breakpack, Printing, Web, and receiving services.

After creating the directory, the following subdirectories must also be created.



          RPT – This subdirectory will contain the reports.

          GCA – This subdirectory will contain the Mail.dat file.


After making the change the Uluro FTP Submit service, Uluro Web Submit service and Uluro Email receipt program must be restarted for the settings to take effect. The settings have no effect on the location of existing submissions.  In order to change existing submissions to the new directory the following must occur.

  1. Create the New Directory
  2. Copy the files from the old submit directory to the new submit directory.
  3. Copy the RPT and GCA subdirectories and data to the new submit directory.
  4. Make sure the directories can be accessed by the programs.
  5. Run an update query on the Uluro database.  This will allow the Uluro programs to know that the files have been moved.  This will require updating the Submissions table and the subjobrpt table.
  6. After verifying the updates occurred and all the files were correctly transferred, the data in the original submit directory (including the RPT and GCA directories can be deleted).

Set Images Directory

The path of the Images directory is currently set to a subdirectory name ‘images’ under the Submit directory.  This feature is available in Version and above of Ucompose.exe, PNGDLL.dll, RPPrintapp.exe and UBrkpackapp.exe.

It is now possible to change the default images directory to any directory.  This is changed in Usetup under the Configure menu, then Processes.


Look for the ProcessName submit and the Name ‘DefImgDir’.

If the entry does not exist then run Ucompose.  Ucompose will create the entry.

The DefImagDir is used when searching for an Image and when the Relative Paths is used for Images.

The DefImageDir will be used the next time the Uluro Programs listed above are run.


Relative Image paths

Uluro has been modified to allow images (append image and Background image) to be set based on the Default image path.  This feature is available in Version of Ucompose.  The versions of PNGDLL.dll, RPPrintapp.exe and UBrkpackapp.exe must also be or above.

The default image path is set in Usetup.  If the default image path is blank in Usetup then the Default image path will be a subdirectory named Images under the submit directory.

In Ucompose when adding an image there is now a checkbox to set the image based on a relative path.




The checkbox displays the current default image path.  When the image is selected using the ellipses button (…), the image path is the default directory for the select image dialog



If an image is selected and is in a subdirectory of the Default images path, the image name is the relative path from the images directory.

Currently .\ and ..\ cannot be used.  The path must be a subdirectory of the images directory.

Uluro will not search for the Image if the relative image path is used. 

If Uluro cannot find the image in the Relative image path, an error will be generated.





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