Using The External Update


To use the External update, you will need to turn on External Update on the submission type in uSetup.

Under Submission Type Maintenance, go to the Additional tab.

Check the box labeled Enable in uBridge External Update.



You will need to setup a job in uBridge.


Create a new job by clicking on Add New.


  • Enter a description.
  • Set the Application to uBridgeSrv.
  • Check the Enabled box.
  • Set the schedule.
  • Save you settings.

Click on Params.


  • Select your Input Connection.  If you don’t have one, you will need to set one up under Connections.
  • Enter the Header query just as is shown above.  If you want to only query a certain submission type, you can add “and b.subtypeid = 999” where 999 is the subtypeid of the submission type.  You can get this number from uSetup.
  • Select Update Connection 1.  It should be the same as the Input Connection.
  • Enter the Update Query 1 just as shown.
  • Save you changes.


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