Submit automatically from Email to Directory

To use this feature you must complete the following:

1. The incoming email server settings/credentials must be applied in uSetup >> Email Setup

2. The program "RPRecvemail.exe" should be linked to a service called uSubEmailSvc.exe on the Applications server. Verify that the service is started.

3. Create a folder for the data to be moved into so Uluro can ingest it for processing (Same as setting up directory for FTP or WEB)

4. The subject of the incoming email must have "CLID=41 SUBID=123" in it (Replace 41 with the CLID of the customer and 123 with the Submission Type ID).

5. The data should be an attachment.  Due to email server attachment restrictions data should be limited to 8MB.  No information is needed in the body.  If there is information in the body it will be ignored.

6. IMPORTANT A dedicated email account should be created for this purpose.  Do not use an email account that is used for any other purpose. The RPRecvemail program will process all email for the account and delete the email from the email server.


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