eStatement Verify

The purpose of eVerify is to verify that an end user has viewed their document online within a specified amount of time.  If they have not, they will be sent an email as a reminder.  If after a set number of reminders have been sent, the user has not logged in to view their document, the document can be added as a new submission to be printed.  The user will be marked as wanting a printed document instead of an electronic document.


Setting up eVerify


From the submission type maintenance, select the eStatement Verify tab.



  1. Check the box “Verify User has Viewed eStatement.”
  2. Set the Number of Days for Verification.  If a user has not viewed his document after the set number of days, they will be sent an email reminder.
  3. Set the Number of Additional Emails.  This is the number of email reminders that will be sent.  After the number is reached, no more will be sent.
  4. Check “Auto-create New Submission” if you wish to create a new submissions for any documents that have not been viewed by a user during the verification process.


Checking eVerify


The document viewing verification is run daily as a SQL job.  The procedure that is run is CheckeVerify. 

The email that is sent is the same email that was sent originally.  This SQL job is not setup by default.   It must be setup in SQL Server Agent with the Desired Time.



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