Setting Up IMB

To setup a new IMB, click the "Configure" menu.





Next select "IMB".  This will open the IMB configuration window.




Multiple IMB records can be maintained.  Each record will require IMB Mailer ID, Service Type ID, Barcode ID, Next Serial # to use, Max Serial # to use.


Click the new.png "New" Button to create a new IMB record.

Click edit.png "Edit" to edit an existing record.

Click save.png "Save" to save the record or cancel.png "Cancel" to cancel the edits.


After the IMB is setup, the IMB will need to be selected to be used for each submission type. To do this select the "Sub Types" tab and double-click inside the grid. 




This will bring up the Submission Type Maintenance window.




Click on the "IMB" tab and click the "Edit" button.  Select the IMB from the dropdown list and click "Save".


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