Printing to PDF (uPrint Only)

In uPrint there are 2 different ways that you can output directly to PDF.


1.) Uluro Native PDF Output - This method is only recommended for creating sample output of the PDF's that will be generated on the web. 


2.) Bullzip PDF Printer Driver - There is a free printer driver that when set correctly, will automatically output to PDF without having to manually distill PS to PDF.

To use this method, follow the steps below:


1. Download and install Ghostscript if not already installed (Free Download) -

2. Download and install Bullzip PDF Printer (Free Download) -

3. Open the Bullzip PDF printer options





4. In the "General" tab, set the output to PDF and in the File Name field set the path you wish to save the PDF's to and add the macro <smarttitle> to the file name.  This will pull the job name from Windows print and use it as the file name.

Example: "C:\SUBMIT\PRT\<smarttitle>.pdf"  would output "C:\SUBMIT\PRT\Print job 586 0001 20121213132232708.pdf"

Also ensure that "Confirm Overwrite" is checked and the other options are unchecked.




5. In the "Dialogs" tab, set the "Save As - Dialog" and "Settings - Dialog" to "Never".   Leave the "Suppress all errors" unchecked.




6. In the "Document" tab, set the PDF quality settings (for highest quality, use Prepress)





7. In the "Image" tab, set the horizontal and vertical resolution to the DPI you wish to output. (300 X 300 is recommended) and click "OK"




8. Open uPrint.exe and select the "Printers" menu and click on "Make Available"




9. Select the "Bullzip PDF Printer" and click the "Make Available" button. Do not set this to a file printer.



10. Create a print job and your PDF will show up in the directory that was specified in the Bullzip Options.


** Note **

Bullzip PDF printer will create a temporary Postscript file and automatically begin converting to PDF after the Postscript file is written.  This means that the Bullzip queue in Windows will show the print job complete before the PDF appears in the specified directory.  Full completion times vary based on size.


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