Map Template Changes

Map Templates

You can enter the fixed values for the map template fields by clicking on the button Map Template Values on the main customer form. These values will be used in any maps for a customer that are designated as Template maps. The template fields are selectable in uCompose. See the uCompose document for an explanation of how to use these fields.

Access to this functionality can be restricted in the User Maintenance form.


Here is a view of the User Maintenance setting. 


Unchecking this box will restrict access to the Map Template Values form.

Map Template Data


Load from another customer

You can load the values from another customer by selecting a customer from the dropdown box and clicking Load. This will overwrite any existing values, add any missing values and leave any values entered for the current customer that are not in the customer you are loading from.

Font, Color, Text and Position Fields

Each type contains an available grid and a grid with the current fields and values.

To add a new field value, select a field from the available box and double click. This will bring up the edit box.

To edit a field value, double click on the field and value row.

To delete a field value, press delete.

The value of a selected font will show the name of the font in the font.

Check the Use CMYK box to allow entry of CMYK values when selecting a color.


Font Name


Select a font from the dropdown box and click OK.

Font Style


Select any styles that are applicable and click OK.

Font Size


Select the size and click OK.


The color selected will display in the Value column. [10]



Double click on the colored box to bring up the color editor. If you are using CMYK, the CMYK selection form will display. You can also change the color by changing the integer value in the edit box.


If using CMYK, enter the values or double click on the color box.


Select a color to use. You can change the color space you are using by clicking on the drop down box.




The text will be displayed in the Value column.




Enter position values as floating point.



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