Retrieval of Variable Data in Detail Sections

In Ucompose Version ( and above), it is now possible to retrieve User Variables in the Detail Section. 

The Current “Save Vars to DB” command now has the option to “Retrieve User Vars from Database.  This option is only available when the command is called in the Detail Section.


Only the User Variables will be retrieved.

The Variables are saved during Breakpack processing and will be retrieved during Printing, PDF generation,  PNG generation and Recalc Pages processes. 

The Point in the Map where the Save Var command is called is the same point the Variables are retrieved.  The Variables will have the new values only after this retrieval is performed.

The retrieval allows the database variables to be modified during the External Update Process. 

Since this could result in page counts different than the original Breakpack values, the Recalc Pages process will be called after the External Update Process.


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