Combining 2 Account IDs


In uCompose you are able to concatenate 2 account IDs into one account number.

In this example we will be concatenating 2 account IDs with a "-" in-between the two fields. Ex. 12345-123 

To accomplish this you will need to follow these steps in uCompose

  • When defining your fields you will need to create an account ID field (I'll call mine CONCAT_ACCT_ID).  Link this field to Sys_Acct_ID and leave it unassigned.Concat-1.png
  • In the Disp Tab you will need to define the 2 account numbers as variables (In my example I have named them Acct_ID1 and Acct_ID2)


  • Under your Defined account IDs create an Assign Field command, select the "+" Function and add your variables to the Parameters. In this example we will add fixed variable "-" in-between the 2 account numbers.


  • You can now map the concatenated account ID





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