How to add new pages to output using the "New Page" command.

The New Page command allows additional output pages to be created. 

To add a new output page go to the "Disp" tab in the Map Commands window, click the + in the top left corner to add a new command and select "New Page" from the command list.





Max Pages

Max Pages is the maximum number of pages for the Document. If the new page would cause the Page count to exceed the Max Pages then the command will not execute.



Iterations is the number of New Pages to create.


Restart Page

If checked will cause the Page command execution to restart at the beginning. If unchecked the remaining commands after the new page will be executed. Either Restart Page or After Details can be checked but not both.


After Details

If checked the new page will occur after the Details are printed on the Current Page. If unchecked the New page will be created before the Details are printed. Either Restart Page or After Details can be checked but not both.


Next Input Page

Checking this causes the New page to move to the next input page of data.


Additional Page Variable

A List of Integer User Variables. The variable selected will control the number of pages inserted (up to the Max Pages value). When each new page is created the value of the Additional Page Variable will be decremented. When the Additional Page Variable reaches 0 no additional pages will be created. Set the Value of the Additional Page variable inside a conditional that executes only on page 1.


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