How to create a QR code that will take the user to the web 3.0 registration page with Full Name and Account Name passed in

In web 3.0+, we have added the ability to pass in parameters to Register.aspx. To create a QR Code that will send the user to the registration page with the Full Name and Account Number passed in follow the steps below.


Create New Group for Register QR Code


Click on Begin and add New Variable URLACCOUNT


Create new Variable for URLNAME


Create New Variable for QRCODEVAR


Create Function command for Assignment to URLACCOUNT.  Function URLEncode of Acct_ID field or whatever field contains the Account Number. 


Create Function command for assignment to URLNAME.  Function URLEncode of Acct_Name or whatever field contains the Account Name.


Create Function command for Assignment to QRCODEVAR.  Function +. 

Fixed URL (example “”

Var URLNAME (this contains the Name in URL Encoded format)

Fixed &AN= (this leads to the Acct)

Var URLACCOUNT (This contains the Account Number in URL Encoded format)


Add Barcode Command for QR Code

Variable for the Parameter Type.  Variable is QRCodeVar.  Barcode Type is QRCode.

Set the position and Size as desired.  Set the Background color and Barcode Color.



If you want to see the Value in Human Readable.  Add variable map command.



This will look like



With the Output will look like.




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