Adding External Custom Reports to Uluro

Adding Report to Uluro

The Report to the Reports table.


The Report table contains


RepDesc – Description of the report ( less than 30)

Createby – Who added the report.

Status – Status of the report (A for Active)

FileSpec – Naming of the File.  Unique name must be created for every Submission report.  Change to suit.  Must contain %S for Submission id.  Must contain the file extension (pdf, XLS, txt, doc, etc).

Report Type – All submission level reports should be Report type S

AutoGen – AutoGen should be set to ‘Y’ so Uluro does not attempt to create the report.

ReportDLL – This should always be Null or Blank.

AutoPrint – This should always be N or Null.  Auto Printing of these reports is not supported.

PrintOrder – This should always be null

PrintCopies – This should always be null


Adding Submission Report

To allow display on the Web the report must be linked to the Submission.

This is accomplished by adding the report to the SubJobRpt table.

The SubJobRPT table contains

Submid – Submission id

Jobid – Job ID for Job reports.  Always null

Rptid – Link to Report table record for new report

CreateDate – Date and time the SubjobRpt record was created

ReportDate – Date and time the report was created.

CreatedFlag – Set to Y if the report is created.  Set to N if report not created and X if the Report is cancelled.

Location – Location of the Report File (less than 200 characters)

MailItem_ID – Leave Null.

EmailCreated – Leave null

Printed – Leave Null

PrintedDate – Leave Null

To add the Report Record and/or the Submission Report Record

Run the script AddReportRecord.sql

This script is to be used to add custom reports to Uluro for viewing on the web or in uControl.

The required fields are:

       @ReportDescription - The report description.  This is used to determine which report record to use.

       @UniqueShortDesc - This will be part of the file name

       @ReportExtension - The file extension of the report file

To create the subjobrpt record, set the @Submid variable to a valid submission id


If a subjobrpt record is to be created, the file associated with it should exist and be placed in the submit\rpt folder.

The file name must be as described below. See variable @FileSpec.


Creating Submission Report with Post Processing

The Post Processing Service can call a program. 

Batch File

Create a Batch file for the Post Processing to call.  The Batch file will need to do the following

Change directory to the location of the Program that will generate the report

Call the program and pass into the program the parameters.

Have the program call the script, imputing the appropriate values.

Accept the Input Parameters.

Currently these parameters can be

$Submid – Submission id

$File – Current File name

$Ofile – Original File name

$FPATH – Current path of the file


These are passed on the Command line as individual space separated parameters.  The parameter name is not passed.

Generate the report.

Put the Report into a location accessible for the web server (not accessible from the internet)

Run the script

Query Above


Automatically exit when complete.


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