How to use PDF pregeneration to create PDFs for each document in a file.

PDF pregeneration can be used to pregenerate PDFs for viewing on the web, or for the creation of individual PDFs for each document in a submitted file (useful for quality control purposes.)  To enable PDF pregeneration, first open uSetup, and enter submission type maintenance for your chosen submission type.  The pregeneration options are located under the "Web" tab, in the bottom left of the window.




You can choose to have the PDFs generated after breakpack (before cleansing/NCOA) or when the job status goes "ready to print" (after cleansing/NCOA)  In the text box, simply enter the full UNC path of the directory you'd like the PDFs to be saved to.

RPPregen.exe runs from a scheduled task on your system. When it runs, it will pick up any submissions flagged for pregen and create an individual PDF for each document in the chosen directory, grouping them in a subfolder named with the submission ID (padded to 10 digits).



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