Splitting a single submission into multiple submissions by page count

It is possible to split a single submission into multiple submissions by page count using a post processing stored procedure that we have implemented as part of the default installation.

In order to use the Split Submission function the following setups must occur:

Input Submission

Create an Input Submission Type to pick up the data and generate the Documents list.


Output Submission(s)

Create the Split Submission Types.  You can use the same submission type for both the Input Submission type and the Split submission type.





The Input Submission type runs the file through the following statuses before the Post Processing occurs

  • Received
  • Preprocess
  • Breakpack
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Address Cleansing

Then the Post Processing Script occurs. The Post Processing Script for Split Submission should be:

@splitSubmission $SUBMID, 1, 1234, 1235

  • @ indicates that this is a stored procedure
  • $SUBMID – will pass the current Submid into the stored procedure
  • 1 is the Page count split.  1 for 1 page and multiple page,  use 2 for 2 or less and more than 2 page
  • 1234 is the new submission type id for the lower page count
  • 1235 is the new submission type id for the upper page count

You can use 0,0 to cause the submission type to remain the same as the current submission. After Address Cleansing this will split the submission into 2 new submissions.  One submission will contain the page count or less  and the other will contain greater than the page count. The original submission will be cancelled and the new submissions will continue through the processing.  The next status will be Job Select. Transaction records will be created to indicate that the original file was split and the new files were the results.


Create the Split Submission types with the Desired Presort type, Web display options, etc.

The input submission will have the desired Cleanse Type, Preprocessing Prg, Map Name, FTP directory, and the postProcess prg set to

@splitSubmission $SUBMID, 1, 45, 46


@splitSubmission $SUBMID, 1, 0,0

Run the file by placing in the FTP directory. The file processes through and then post processing.

Note that the Number of Documents and pages are correct.

Type                      docs                       pages

1 Page docs        1,408                     1,408

Multi page          6,429                     17,410

Total                      7,837                     18,818



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