Changing the login credentials for the Uluro services

Uluro versions and above.


There are currently 4 programs that run as a Windows service.  RPPrintSrv.eve, BrkPackSrv.exe, RPSubFTPSrv.exe & RPSubWEBSrv.exe.

In cases where the Windows login credentials have to be changed, the updated credentials will have to be supplied to the Uluro services.


To do this:


1.) Click on the Start Menu and go to run.


2.) Type in services.msc and click "Run"


3.) Scroll down until you find the 4 services



5.) Right-Click on each service and click "Properties"


6.) Click on the "Log On" tab



7.) Change the credentials to the new login account and password and click apply.  The changes will not take effect until the services are restarted.


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