Questions to ask your client when setting up for Bill Pay

Are you bringing on a new Client for Payment Processing.

Below is a list of information you must know to understand rates and fee's

The following information was provided by Richard M. Cowan from ePayments Network an authorized Uluro Payment Provider

Richard can be contacted @
Office: 512-687-8941

Follow Up with Richard directly to learn more about making money from accepting payments

The following questions where provided by

What is your market type?
( ) Retail               ( ) Restaurant    ( ) Lodging           ( ) MO/TO           ( ) P-Card            
( ) Supermarket          ( ) Emerging Mkt. ( ) Public Sector     ( ) Auto Rental     ( )E-Commerce
( ) Cash Advance         ( ) Other

How do you take (by percentage) your customer’s cards?
    Card swiped percentage                     _____
    Manually keyed with imprint                _____
    Mail Order/Telephone/Internet            _____
                                                 Total        100%

What type of goods or services do you sell?

Do you accept any transactions before product or service is received?
  % of sales in this category?
                                How long does customer wait before product is received?
  % of cost that is pre-payment?
                                Duration of extended service or benefit (in weeks):______

Do you offer warranties, dues, subscriptions, memberships or other extended services ( ) Yes       ( )No 

Do you currently accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover? ( ) Yes          ( ) No

Annual Visa/Mc/Discover Sales: $ ______________ Average Ticket: $ _______________

Total Visa/MC/Discover Sales (multiple locations only): $_____________

How many years have you been in business?

What is your legal name?
What is the Legal address, city, state, zip?
Phone, Fax?
Contact name?
Contact email?

Well your sales be under a DBA?  If so, what is the DBA name of the business (if any)?
What is the DBA address, city, state, zip?
Phone, Fax?
Contact name?
Contact email?

Type of ownership?
( )Sole Proprietorship     ( ) Partnership   ( ) LLC    ( ) Professional Assoc.

Federal TAX ID and SIC code, if known


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