Rapidly losing disk space while printing

If you start noticing that your hard disk space is decreasing with every print job then you are probably saving the spooled documents to your hard drive.

To fix this issue first go to Start> Control Panel> Devices & Printers

Find the printers that have documents in queue.  Right-click on the printer and select "See What's Printing".

You will see a list of documents that are currently in the spool.  Confirm that the documents have been printed by viewing "Status" column.  All jobs that have successfully printed will show "Printed" status.

Next right-click on each document you wish to delete and select "Cancel". This will remove the print job from the list and delete the spool file.


To set the printer to not save printed documents:

Go to Start> Control Panel> Devices & Printers.  Right-click on a printer. Click "Printer Properties".  Next go to the "Advanced" tab and ensure the "Keep Printed Documents" checkbox is unchecked.

Click apply to save changes.


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